US History

SEMESTER 1: End of World War I – End of World War II (1918-1945)

Book Used The Americans   ** Note: Most assignments found within the notes

Modules 17-21

Course Calendars (Subject to change):

US History – September 2016   

 US History – October 2016 Calendar 

US History – November Calendar 

US History – December Calendar

 US History – January Calendar_________________________________________________

Introductory Materials:

About Me [Intro Lecture]

The Importance of Skepticism [Intro Lecture]

Reading like a Historian [Intro Lecture]

What is a Historian [Reading]

What Do We Do in US History [Handout]


Module 17: The Roaring Twenties (1918-1929)
Guiding Questions:
Was the prosperity of the 1920s superficial?
Academic skill in focus: 
Independent Research Skills & Citation
C3 Standard in focus: 
(D2.His.3.9-12) Use questions generated about individuals and groups to assess how the significance of their actions changes over time and is shaped by the historical context.

Module 17 Intro

17.1 – The Business of America

17.2 – Postwar Issues   1920s Primary Source Activity   Sources PDF

17.3&4 – Changing Ways of Life & Women

17.5 – Education, Popular Culture, and the Harlem Renaissance

Roaring Twenties Creative Research Project  1920s Project Rubric

Postwar Decade Primary Source Activity

Sources PDF

Module 17 Study Guide

Module 18: The Great Depression (1929-1939)
Guiding Questions:
Did Hoover do too much or too little? What is the role of government in society and in crisis?
Academic skill in focus: 
Independent Research Skills & Citation
C3 Standard in focus: Determining causal relationships, Evaluation of government, Historical interpretation

Module 18 Intro

18.1 – The Nation’s Sick Economy

18.2 – Hardship & Suffering during the Great Depression

Module 18 Film – Great Depression – Cinderella Man

Module 18 Study Guide


Module 19: The New Deal (1932-1941)
Guiding Questions: 
How did FDR’s presidency and the New Deal reshape the government’s role in American society? What are the lasting implications of this shift in responsibility?
Academic skill in focus:
Time, Continuity & Change; Primary source analysis (The Soup Song)

Module 19 Intro

19.1 – A New Deal Fights the Depression        

19 – Sec. 2 thru 5 – The New Deal Affects Many Groups

Module 19 Study Guide


Module 20: World War II  & The Aftermath (1938-1949)
Guiding Questions:
What were the “seeds of conflict” that led to WWII? How did the war end and what impact did particular events have in the postwar world? How did the Green River Ordnance Plant represent the Home Front (microcosm)?
Academic skill in focus: Causal relationships (“Seeds of conflict”), Primary source analysis (Quarantine Speech, Their Finest Hour, Green River Ordnance Plant Activity), Student self-evaluation

Module 20 Overview

20.1 – War Breaks Out   Dictators Web Diagram

20.2 – War in Europe     Churchill – Their Finest Hour Excerpt

20.3 – America Moves Toward War

20.4 – Mobilizing for Defense

20.5- The Home Front – The Green River Ordnance Plant

20.6 – War in Europe, Africa, & Asia

Study Guide -Module 20

WWII Essay

Module 20 Film – Saving Private Ryan Historical Analysis


Module 21: The Cold War (1944-1991)
Guiding Questions:
What were the “seeds of conflict” that led to WWII? 
Academic skill in focus: 
Causal relationships (“Seeds of conflict”), Primary source analysis (Quarantine Speech, Their Finest Hour), Student self-evaluation

Module 20 – Group Presentations

Cold War Presentation Rubric

Ch 26 Study Guide


MIDTERM: 2018 US History Study Guide [Midterm]



SEMESTER 2:  Cold War through Present (1945-2017)

Book Used The Americans          ** Note: Most assignments found within the notes

Chapters: 26-35, Epilogue (Not from textbook)

Course Calendars (Subject to change):


Module 22: The Postwar Boom (1950-1959)
Guiding Questions:
What was the “American Dream” during the 1950s? What is the “American Dream” today? What do 1950s PSA’s reveal about 1950s culture?
Academic skill in focus: 
Time, Continuity & Change (American Dream); Primary source analysis (PSA videos)

Module 22 Intro

Module 22.1 – Postwar America

Module 22 – Sect 2,3,4 – The American Dream

1950s Culture Essay     Video Resources for Culture Essay

Module 22 – Study Guide


Module 23: An Era of Social Change(1960-1969)
Guiding questions:
How did JFK and Nixon differ during the election of 1960? How did JFK’s “New Frontier” differ from LBJ’s “Great Society?” How did the 1940s and 1950s set the stage for the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s?
Academic skill in focus: 
Compare & Contrast (JFK/Nixon, JFK/LBJ), Causal relationships

Module 23 Intro

23.1 – Kennedy and the Cold War

23.2 – The New Frontier & The Great Society

23.3 – Hippies & Counterculture

Module 23 Study Guide


Module 24 The Civil Rights Era (1950s-1969)
Guiding Questions:
When did the Civil Rights Era begin? When did it end… or did it?
Academic Skill in focus: Source Analysis

Chapter 29.1 – Civil Rights Era Introduction

Chapter 29 Sect 2,3,4 -Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement

Ch 29 Discussion Questions

Ch 29 Study Guide


Chapter 30: The Vietnam War Years (1954-1975)
Guiding Questions:
1. Who won the Vietnam war? In other words, who met the goals that they set out to accomplish? 2. What effects did the Vietnam war have on American society?
Academic Skill in focus:
 Source Analysis, Time, Continuity & Change

Ch 30 Sect 1 – Moving Toward Conflict

Ch 30 Sect 2 &3 – US Involvement & Escalation

Ch 30 Sect 4&5 – The End of the War

1960s Song Analysis [Activity]

Sterchi – Ch 30 Study Guide


Chapter 31: An Era of Social Change
Guiding question: What were other Civil Rights issues and how did other groups fight to solve them?
Academic Skill in Focus
: Political cartoon analysis, Defining socio-political movements, Essay construction

Ch 31 – Sect 1&2 – Latin Americans, Native Americans, and Women

Ch 31 – Sect 3 – Hippies & Counterculture

1970s Civil Rights Political Cartoons

Ch 31 Study Guide


Chapter 32: An Age of Limits
Guiding question: How did the turbulence of the 1960’s affect American society, culture, and politics?
Academic Skill in Focus

Ch 32.1 – The Nixon Administration

Ch 32.2 – Watergate

Ch 32.3 – The Ford and Carter Years

Chapter 32 Study Guide


Chapter 33: The Conservative Tide
Guiding question: How did the age of conservatism change the direction of the United States? How did this new direction affect society?
Academic Skill in Focus
: Compare/Contrast how various Presidents respond to social, political, and economic crises.

Ch 33.1 – A Conservative Movement Emerges

Ch 33.2 -Conservative Policies Under Reagan & Bush

Ch 33.3 – Social Concerns in the 1980s

Ch 33.4 – Foreign Policy After the Cold War

Ch 33.5 – The Persian Gulf War

Ch 33 Study Guide


Chapter 35: Epilogue – 
Guiding question: What should the government’s role be in our daily lives? 
Academic Skill in Focus



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