Sociology II / Social Pyschology

Welcome to Social Psychology!! This course is a semester long, upper-level elective aimed at teaching students science literacy, how to conduct original research, and college readiness skills. The entire classs is oriented around students selecting a topic that interests them, formulating a research question, constructing a hypothesis, designing and executing a research project, and the completion of a 15-20 page research paper in APA format.

Unit 1: Fundamentals of Research: From Topic to Hypothesis

Academic Skills in Focus: Qualitative & Quantitative Data, Variables, Topic Selection, Writing a Research Question, Constructing a Hypothesis

Social Psychology — Unit 1 Schedule

Sterchi – Social Psychology (Psych II / Soc II) Syllabus

Topics in Social Psychology

1.1 – Social Science Research Methods [Lecture]         1.1 – Social Science Research Methods [Notes]

Variables Worksheet – [Advanced]

Qual Methods — Assignment

Surveys & Interviews – Reading & Assignment

GSS Explorer Practice

Topic Proposals Worksheet

Seminar 1 – Topic/Research Question/Hypothesis Workshop

Unit 2:Intro & Lit Review

Academic Skills in Focus: Annotated Bibliography, How to find and navigate journal articles, Lit Review

Unit 2 Schedule

How to Read a Journal Article

Let’s Format your Paper! – APA Format

How to – Annotated Bibliography

Research Conference 1

Seminar 2 – The State of Research on your Topic (Presenting Lit Review)

Unit 3: Data Collection & Analysis

Academic Skills in Focus: Creating Research Tools, Institutional Review Board (IRB), Data Collection, Data Analysis,

Unit 3 Schedule

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Unit 4: Interpreting Data, Final Paper, & Symposium

Academic Skills in Focus: Data Analysis/Interpretation, Limitations Section, Spring Symposium

Unit 4 Schedule