Unit 1 – Foundations of Sociology


     Unit 1 Resources – Foundations of Sociology: Thinking Sociologically & Sociological Research Methods

Sociological Perspectives: Functionalism, Conflict Theory, Symbolic Interactionism

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***Unit 1 Schedule                      ***UNIT 1 SURVEY

  1. Invitation to Sociology [Peter L. Berger]  —- Invitation to Sociology [Questions]
  2.  I See Dead People! History of Sociology (Lecture 1)
    1.1 – I See Dead People Guides Notes
  3. Three Sociological Perspectives (Lecture 2) —Three Perspectives Review
    1.2- Three Perspectives Guided Notes


4. A Radical Experiment in Empathy Questions

5. A Conversation about Education [Questions]


6. How Do We Start Research (Lecture 3)

7. Research Methods (Lecture 4)

8. How Sociologists Do Research [James M Henslin] (Reading)

9. Variables Worksheet(Activity)

10. Unit 1 Quiz [STUDY GUIDE]

11. Qualitative Methods (Lecture 6)
Lunch in the Field [Assignment] (Activity)

13. Gender & Perception of Violence   (Quant. Methods Activity)

14. Research Ethics (Zimbardo & Milgram Discussion)

15. Unit 1 [Study Guide]


Unit 1 Additional Resources

Passion in Education: What does it look like? (Jake)

Jake’s TED talk

Babies Trailer

Meet Steve (A Conversation about Education)