Outcome B – The Form and Function of the American System

Outcome B: The Form and Function of the American System

**As a general note, many of the activities and assignments are found within the slides for the lectures.

PART 1: Principles, Federalism, and Amendments

  1. Outcome B Overview
  2. Marbury v Madison & 6 Principles of Constitution Lecture
    Marbury v Madison Reading
    6 basic principles Worksheet
  3. Checks and Balance Power Grab Game
  4. 3 Branches Group Work
  5. Federalism & Types of Powers Lecture
  6. The Amendment Process
  7. Interpreting the 4th Amendment
  8. Principles,Federalism,Amendments Review                    ReviewDirections
  9. PART 1 QUIZ – Principles, Federalism, Amendments


PART 2: The Legislative Branch

  1. Congress Intro Lecture
  2. Congressional Committees Lecture              Committees Activity
  3. How a Bill Becomes a Law Lecture            Bill Becomes a Law Sorting Activity
  4. Influences on Lawmakers Lecture
  5. Gerrymandering    The Gerrymandering Game


PART 3: The Executive Branch

  1. Roles of the President Lecture
  2. Presidential Powers Lecture
  3. Checks on Presidential Power Lecture
  4. The Bureaucracy Lecture
  5. The Electoral College


PART 4: The Judicial Branch

  1. Ledbetter v Goodyear
  2. Judicial Appointment              Choosing a Supreme Court Nominee
  3. Judicial Activism or Restraint                       Videos:
  5. Constitution Test Study Guide