My name is Aaron Sterchi and I am a social studies teacher at Plainfield North High School. I have been teaching since 2012 and continue to bring my passionate approach to the classroom every day.

Email: ASterchi@psd202.org, Sterchi01@gmail.com

Room: 426, Plainfield North High School

Current Courses Taught: Sociology, Psychology, U.S. History

Previous Courses Taught: Government, AP Government, AP Human Geography, Sociology, Social Psychology – Social Science Research Methods, English I, English II, English IV

Endorsements: History (Active Highly Qualified status), Sociology (Active Highly Qualified Status), Psychology (Highly Qualified Status), Social Studies (6-12, Highly Qualified Status), Paraeducator

Degrees held: BA History (Northern Illinois University); BA in Sociology (Northern Illinois University)

Research Interests:

Historical Research: My previous research was centered on the social construction of mental illness throughout history with an emphasis on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other war-related anxiety disorders. Most of my research was centered on the Civil War, but also sought to explain the way perceptions of the mind and its aberrations have changed according to place and time.
My future research will be primarily on the ancient world with emphasis on Greece and Rome. I traveled to Râșnov, Romania (Transylvania) in Summer 2015 to work on the excavation of an ancient Roman military outpost (Castrum Cumidava) used during the Dacian Wars (101-107 CE).

Sociological Research: My previous research (2015) was directed by Prof. Markowitz through Northern Illinois University and was centered on understanding the readjustment patterns and potential problems modern military veterans face as they transition from the battlefield back into civilian life.

Information Technology: I am currently pursuing a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certificate in my spare time. I have always have many hobbies and a wide array of experiences in I.T., and am looking to continue to sharpen those skills.

Coaching/Club Sponsorships:

Football: I was the freshman head coach at Freeport High School, as well as a offensive and defensive linemen coach for the varsity. I also coached for one year at Aquin High School in Freeport, IL as the varsity wide-receivers coach and the Fresh-Soph head coach.  I also coached for Plainfield East High School as a volunteer special teams coordinator and jack-of-all-trades coach. I also managed the Hudl sidelane cameras.

Speech Team: I currently coach speech at Plainfield North High School and have been since 2021. Before that, I coached at Freeport High School for four years.

Clubs I have sponsored: Competitive Gaming Club, Guitar Club, Dungeons & Dragons Club, Anime Club, Film Club.

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