AP Government & Politics

***NOTE: This page is for Mr. Krause / Mr. Sterchi’s students at Plainfield North to access materials they may need.
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Unit 3: Civil Liberties & Civil Rights

  1. Miranda Rights and the Boston Marathon Bomber Boston Marathon Bomber Case Study            Miranda v Arizona Reading                Boston Marathon Bomber Reading
    5 Days: The Hunt for the Boston Marathon Bomber
  2. Pre-Trial Rights and Warrantless Searches
  3. 8th Amendment Lecture          8th Amendment Philosophical Chairs
  4. 14th Amendment – Equal Protection Clause Lecture          14th Amendment – Equal Protection Clause Scenarios
  5. Civil Rights Methods Reading            Social Movement Methods Worksheet
  6. Affirmative Action and Letter from a Birmingham Jail Lecture                       Source: Letter from a Birmingham Jail





Unit 4: Political Ideologies & Beliefs

  1. American Core Values Lecture              What is Justice worksheet
  2. Political Spectrum Intro Lecture
  3. Expanding the Political Spectrum Lecture and Scenarios
    Video: Conservative v Liberal Morality
  4. Economic Ideology
  5. Bipolar Disorder Introduction            Bipolar Disorder Reading
  6. The Causes of Political Socialization Reading
    Political Socialization Lecture and Project Intro
  7. Polls and Public Opinion Lecture
  8. 2016 Voter Analysis Data Set      2016 Voter Data Analysis Worksheet
    2016 Voter Data Analysis Questions
    …But What to the Polls Show Anyway Questions
  9. ANES DataSet Analysis            ANES DataSet Tables
  10. Skills Practice – Quantitative Data Analysis
  11. Amendments Quiz [Study Guide]
  12. Amendments Quiz (Done in class)


Unit 5: Political Participation

  1. 1 – Campaign Finance Notes                      1 – Campaign Finance Guided Notes            1 – Campaign Finance Cheat Sheet
  2. Primary and Caucus: Types of Elections    Electoral College Specifics              Electoral College Specifics Guided Notes
  3. Role of the Media Notes                           
  4. Third Parties    Linkage Institutions & Political Party Functions
  5. Units IV and IV Study Guide
  6. 1 – IllinoisIntroduction              1 – Flag Code Lecture                      Comparative Constitutions                    IllinoisConstitution&FlagStudyGuideKey-Spring2018

Note: For the Unit 5 Exam be prepared to discuss Citizens United v. FEC and the case law (other cases) related to it! [See study guide for more specifics]


FINAL EXAM REVIEW DOCUMENT: AP Gov Final Review Document                Foundational Documents Cheat Sheet                          Required Cases & Non-Required Pairings